Wednesday, April 27, 2016

3 Capes Relay

Natasha and I joined a large group of people to run the 3 capes marathon relay.  We did it as a fundraiser for Sharesa Larsen who is in one of the Battleground wards.  She was recently diagnosed with cancer after having her 5th child.  She ran this relay the year before with Meagan and Ellyn and a few other ladies I don't know.

We drove in several groups and ate in Tillamook.  We were giving Beau a hard time because he had a mountain dew at dinner and his mom isn't a big fan of him drinking caffeine, but since he was the only one in his family there so he felt a bit of freedom.

Natasha and I rode with Meagan.  Her kids Bennett and Willohm were in her car, along with Tanya and Maddy.  We stayed in yurts at Cape Lookout state park.  The young boys stayed in one, and the young girls and then the moms all split up among a few other yurts.  The kids all wanted to go down to the beach in the night and swim, but after much deliberation the idea was nixed.

Natasha, Emily Graham, Sierra Harris, Meagan Allen and Nathan Harris all ran the first leg.  They had a leg that was a little over 7 miles and through some varying terrain.  They had some on a trail and some on the highway and a stretch on the beach at the end.

Later on one of the legs Natasha and Meagan jumped in and ran an extra bit.

I was in the giant hill leg with Erin, Holly, Brandi and Tanya.  It ended with 3 straight miles up a huge hill.

The race finished at the beach.

The race wasn't enough by itself to wear the kids out.  They ended up hiking up this giant sand dune too.

On the way home we stopped for lunch and ice cream at the Tillamook Creamery.
It was a great experience for a great cause.

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