Tuesday, December 15, 2015

December Part 2

12/13/15 - Tamsyn gave a talk in primary. We got some of our Christmas cards ready to mail
They looked like this --



Ready to go--

Tasha gave her friends wooden eggs painted with chalkboard paint with colored chalk inside and candy.

A few selfies from Tasha's iPod in December

12/14/15 - Natasha's concert

12/15/15 - 3rd Grade Concert

12/15/15 - Jackson Allen asked if I could help him get a painting ready he had promised to do for one of the teachers at La Center High school.  The night he drove over it was dark and he turned down the one driveway on Roser and got his suburban stuck.  He ran to our house and Jake went up to pull him out.  While they were getting ready to leave they heard gun shots.  They think the owner of the house didn't know what was going on on his road so he shot some warning shots.  Jake saw him outside a few minutes later and went to talk to him, but he never mentioned anything about the gunshots. It was kind of crazy.  I helpded Jackson block out his painting and then he took some brushes and paints home to finish it.

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