Wednesday, December 23, 2015

December Part 3

12/17/15 - On my birthday I sent a text to Kristin (Wilson) to wish her a happy birthday. I had gotten her phone number from her dad a while back when I realized that she lived in the Vancouver, WA area.  She was pleased to get the text and told me that they had moved even closer to us because the bought some land in Ridgefield.  We planned to get together for breakfast.  It was great to see her.  She was a sophomore when I was a senior and played point guard as well.  She used to come in for me when I regularly got 2 fouls in the first quarter.  She is currently working on her PHD and has two boys.  Hopefully our families can get together sometime soon.

Dantley had his preschool concert.  They all dressed up and acted out the nativity and then sang some songs.  So much cuteness!!

Afterwards there were refreshments -- so of course these two little cuties loaded up on cookies.

We had a full evening because right after that we headed to the school for Tamsyn's 5th grade concert.

She seems to enjoy playing the trumpet, but never practices at home so I am not sure how good she is at it.  I do know that she often gets her valves stuck -- so I will be taking both her trumpet and Tasha's french horn to get serviced over the winter break.

Jake and Mark Russell planned a surprise trip for me and Brigette.  Neither of us knew where we were going or who we were going with.  I ended up figuring it out the night before because Jake left his phone open and there was a message from Mark shining out at me.  I didn't snoop -- it was just there.  I had thought about snooping a few days earlier but had resisted :)

We were supposed to go to Missoula, MT and stay 2 nights and go to a spa there, but a bad storm came and the flights to Missoula were cancelled so Mark had to reroute us somewhere else.  The trip was more about getting away and conversation than it was about destination and with the storms around we didn't have many options.  Brigette chose (she still didn't know who she was meeting) Boise!  Jake and I laughed a bit on the phone (I was already at the airport waiting when the original flight was cancelled) because he knows Boise might be the last place I would want to go, but like I said it was more about conversation than destination, so it really didn't matter where we went.

My flight arrived earlier than Brigette's and while I was waiting I saw this guy videoing the cargo go on and off the plane -- I thought it was weird and took a picture.  I don't know whay someone would video that or if that would be something to alert the airport about.  Weird anyway.

Brigette and I had a great time.  She had already gone to Star Wars the force awakens the day before when it had opened, but she is a huge Star Wars fan so she was happy to go again with me.  We went to a mexican restaurant and then to the movie.  The next day we slept in, ate breakfast  and I ran a few miles on the treadmill while Brigette ran to the store.  We went to a spa in Eagle and got facials (paid for by Jake).  Mine was great, but Brigette had some sort of burning reaction on her skin to something they used and her face was on fire, red and blotchy afterward.  It was hurting out in the cold wind, but we still did some Christmas shopping anyway.  Afterwards we ordered takeout from a seafood place and stayed in our hotel room.  I think it was a week before her skin felt normal again :(

It was so nice to have a girls weekend and just be able to talk and talk and talk without worrying about driving, feeding or caring for anyone other than ourselves.


12/21/15 - There was a huge wind storm and trees were snapping everywhere.  You can see a few that are broken off in this picture.  Our neighbors had one hit and damage their house.  It broke a window.
Willow had gotten out this morning and we couldn't find her.  I was scared that she might not make it back.  Little did I know then that when she came back (either this time or a few days later) she was pregnant again!! She started showing a few days before her appointment to get fixed, so I called the vet and cancelled it.

Me moved the puzzle near the window because the power had gone out.  By the time it was dark we were using electric lanterns and candles.

12/22/15 - Natasha used her own money to order Christmas sweaters for everyone.  She made sure to order them a  little big so that they will fit next year and we can take our Christmas card photo in them.

This is the one Tasha took -

Some Christmas Art the boys did

12/23/15 - Gingerbread house decorating day!  I was only motivated enough to buy the kits at the store and the kids wanted two different styles of kits.  The girls decorated one and the boys did the other.

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