Friday, December 11, 2015


12/2/15 - We had a late FHE in the week and put up our tree on Wednesday because Tasha had a basketball game on Monday and Jake had a meeting on Tuesday.

After putting up the tree Jake read a Christmas book.  It is always such great family time listening to music and putting up the tree.

12/3/15 - I took this picture to show how few Nativity Flipzles I have left.  Almost sold out in one year!

This is the practice example of the art lesson I am going to teach in both Tamsyn's and Thurston's class. Cutting snowflakes and salt on a watercolor wash.

Here are the finished 5th grade class art projects.

12/5/15 - Today was the La Center Holiday Bazaar.  It went quite well for me.  After it was over Jake took me out to dinner for my birthday then we stopped by Home Depot to get some paint for me to use to paint our bedroom.  When we got home he surprised me by having a few people over for angel food cake with strawberries on top.  Shana and John Mendenhall, Meagan and Corey Allen, and Lurlynn and Leif Hasselblad were there.   Jake and the kids also gave me the present they got me -- a new lens!  One that was super expensive -- I jokingly told the kids it wasn't the present that impressed me so much, it was the fact that Jake was willing to spend that much on a birthday present.

12/6/15 - Some of the first pictures I took experimenting with my new lens

12/7/15 - On my birthday Dantley and my sweet friend Kelsey Kissinger helped me get started painting my bedroom.  I ordered new bedding and found a new bed frame on Craigslist that I liked.  Our room is always so full of puzzle stuff and piles I hope this helps start to make it feel more like a peaceful inviting space.

The adventure of the day...
Happy birthday to me! When I went to school to pick up the kids my keys fell out of my pocket as I was trying to avoid stepping in the giant puddle... And my last glimpse of them was as the fell through the grate of the manhole!  I was in such a panic because I was planning on quickly grabbing the kids and then heading to Caslte Rock for Natasha's basketball game.  I only have one set of keys and it is the type that could be ruined if water gets inside.  I ran into the office and told them "Something terrible just happened!"  realizing that might be a bit over dramatic, I said "No one is hurt or anything, but I just dropped my keys down the flooded storm drain."  They were so helpful and called the maintence crew and also my kids teachers so they would come to the front office.  

The maintenance man Rob saved my birthday! He pulled the cover off, took off his jacket and dug them out! Phew!!  Luckily after I dried them off they still worked and we were able to make it to Natasha's game.

12/8/15 - I don't remember what they were watching -- but they were all in such close proximity looking cozy and getting along so I had to snap a picture.

12/10/15 - My dad spent the previous weekend golfing in the rain at Bandon Dunes with his nephews David and Greg.  We drove part way to pick him up on Wednesday and he stayed the night with us.  He helped Jake and I put our new bed frame together and then our old one on the bed upstairs in the middle room.

Willow has been a wreck since the kittens left.  She meows all time and has been peeing on everything and everywhere.  I am ready to kick her out!  I took her to the vet to see if there was a problem causing the peeing.  He said sometimes it is caused by a bladder infection and he gave her a prescription, but it didn't really change anything.  I think she is just mad that we gave her kittens away.  We set an appointment for her to get spayed because that might help the peeing problem too.

12/11/15 - Natasha's last home game was against Hockinson.  This season they only had 7 players who made the 8th grade team, so they all got a lot of playing time and had to be careful about getting into foul trouble.  They won most of their games.  Lost to Woodland and the Washugal teams and tied with Ridgefield. ( I think -- my memory isn't so good now that is March already and I am barely catching up on this. - ugh)

Natasha is a hard worker and a tough defender.  She has a bit of a strange shot because she shoots with her right even though she is left handed, but she is great at layups.  During the awards after the game she got the Hustle award (voted on by her teammates).

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