Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Natasha Cross Country Sept 6 - Oct. 12

1.5 Miles
4,500 Meters
5,000 Meters

Sept 6

The Jamboree is our only home meet in La Center.  I passed out place numbers in the chute.  It wasn't as fun as being out watching the race, but it gave me a new respect for all the volunteers and coaches that put on all the meets.

Sept 10 - I was in GR during this meet, but Jake was able to go and watch.  Most all of the photos in this post were taken by John Dunkle who is a volunteer assistant and goes to every meet he can to take pictures.

Sept 14
Natasha ended getting second in this race to a girl from White Salmon, but it was a good lesson in racing strategy and I think helped her out in the end.

Sept 17 - Seaside was wet and cold and there were water obstacles to run through.  There are 3 different level races (easy, medium and hard) and the coaches are supposed to draw names randomly for who runs what.  Our kids picked out of a hat.  Tasha ended up with easy which wasn't what she was hoping for, but she ran really well despite falling down in the muddy water pit they had to run through.  John Dunkle had me use his older camera and sit by the water all day and take pictures.  It was wet and cold, but super fun.

These three decided it would be fun to run through the water one extra time after the last runners passed.  Not sure they thought it was such a great idea after they did it.

A few pics from Tasha's phone -- All the junk the girls bought when we stopped at safeway for food (I guess there is a little fruit in there).  And Saige and Jared face swap.

Sept 21
Natasha had a great race in Castle Rock.

Caption courtesy of John Dunkle

Sept 24 - Jake went to the Montesano invite - He told me he was fine with me coaching but he wanted to make sure it didn't mean that I got to go to every meet and he had to stay home and take the younger kids to their sports.  So today I took the boys to soccer and football and he went to the meet.

Sept 28 - This course is one of the most challenging XC courses with lots of hills and slanted areas to run on.  Natasha ran amazing and beat the girl from White Salmon that had beat her before.  Dunkle wasn't at this meet.  So I took pictures.

You can see that the White Salmon girl was leading -- then lucky for me Natasha made her move on the hill I was taking pictures at around mile 2.

She passed her and never looked back, just kept widening the gap.

Oct 12


This meet was a dual and there were no other girls other than ours, so they combined with the boys.  The course was slightly different than usual at Vancouver Lake and the times were super fast with pretty much everyone getting a PR, so we think it was slightly short.

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Carola said...

So fun to see all of these pics of Natasha...I was getting excited for her and the competition just looking at all of the pictures.