Monday, November 7, 2016

Oct 14-18, Muffins, Mud, Flag Football, Speedwork, Fall, a Big Scary Dog, and Sewing

Oct 14 - There was no school today because it was a teacher's work day.  Sofia and Ally had stayed the night after the concert and the Allen's came over at around 11:30am to help make loads of muffins to freeze for lunches and to decorate pumpkins.  We made 3 kinds of muffins:  Chocolate zucchini, banana, and pumpkin chocolate chip.

Meagan's pumpkin and Wilohm and Ally's pumpkins.

Oct 15 - Today was supposed to be a really bad stormy day, leading into some worse days, so I had the kids help clear out all the rotting tomatoes.  There was literally over 1000 green and rotten tomatoes.

Dantley's flag football game was the only event that wasn't cancelled and it was at Prairie High School.  He was supposed to have a double header, but the second team forfeited because of the weather so they only played their first game.   The kid in the blue shorts was super fast and kept pulling our team's flags, so during half time I told Dantley to block him.  He listened to me and went straight for that kid, which allowed his team to run the ball and get a touchdown.

I had to get a picture of the beautiful leaves before the rain and wind knock them off and blow them away.

Oct 17 - Today was a hard day of speed work at XC practice.  I took pictures between sets to help me keep track of how many they had done.  I was in charge of the JV as they did ten 200 repeats.  The varsity did various distances.

Tasha snapped this picture with her phone on our drive home.

A lady I visit teach had surgery on her wrist recently and I was asked just today if I could bring her a meal.  I said I could, but when I got there nobody was home and this giant dog came barking around the corner and scared me to death as I was standing on the porch holding a tray of food.  I quickly tried the door to see if I could get in and it was locked.  I thought the dog would smell my fear and attack me, but luckily I got up enough guts to try talking nicely to it and when it got close to me it sniffed the food and stopped barking.  I made it back to the van and tried to get ahold of the family to see what to do.  I needed to get Tasha and Thurston to their various basketball practices so I didn't have a lot of time.  I ended up needing to go back and just put the dinner in a wooden box on the porch.  This time I brought Thurston with me and a pocket full of dog biscuits.  When we got there the dog was no where to be seen but we could hear it start to bellow in the distance as we headed back to the van to get in.  It came around the corner right as we were getting in.  Thurston wasn't scared of it, he just said how pretty it was.

Oct 18 - Tamsyn has been sewing on Tuesdays with Vione.  She learned how to put a zipper in this week.  She is almost finished with her fleece hoodie.

This was the view at Dantley's flag football practice today.

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Carola said...

That last pic or the rainbow is gorgeous! Wow lots of muffins. Fun to do with friends. Dog? yes I understand how it would frighten you. Nice work Tamsyn...becoming quite the seamstress.