Monday, November 7, 2016

Oct 13 - Maroon 5 Concert

I bought tickets to this concert almost a year ago, so I was super happy when it turned out to be on a Thursday night before a teacher's work day, so there was no school the following day and we lucked out that there was no xc meet that day either.

At first I thought I would take both Natasha and Tamsyn to this concert but then I started realizing that the music and the opening band would be way too mature for Tamsyn.  I'm glad I decided not to take her because there was quite a bit of bad language.  Natasha invited her friends Ally England and Sofia Clinton to go.  We had so much fun singing along with Maroon 5.  The two opening acts were definitely not our favorites though.

Right after we snapped this picture an usher came and chewed us out for having our feet on the backs of the seats.

We got there plenty early because I wanted to find a free parking spot (which I did) and I always worry about getting lost or something.  The girls had time to go buy T-shirts and some food before the concert started.  The first opening group was called Phases.  I didn't mind them, but couldn't see much.

The featured opening act was Tove Lo and she was just plain raunchy.  I had heard radio versions of a couple of her songs and wished that was the way she performed it because the real version was plain disgusting.

Finally Maroon 5 came on stage.  We knew almost all of the songs and enjoyed the performance.  The girls sang along and stood and danced.  I think they had a great time.

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Carola said...

looks like a fun time