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Oct. 29 - District XC Meet

District IV 1A/2A Championships
Lewis River Golf Course, Woodland, WA

It was a beautiful day for a meet.  Not too cold and not too warm.  We got to the course early to walk it.  The Woodland team marked it very well with lots of flags.  They had Natasha and Silas (the fastest 2A runner from Ridgefield in mind) because they knew they were both prone to getting lost and wanted to make it easier for them.  Crazy thing though -- they both went the wrong way at least once during their race.  Natasha missed a turn after about the first 400 of the race. Roselynn had started out super fast and leading just in front of Tasha and she missed the turn and Tasha didn't realize it and followed her, so the both had to come back and ended up farther back in the pack by the time they caught back up.  Natasha had to go really hard to catch back up to Haley who had taken the lead because of their mistake.

Natasha said it was really tough staying with Haley after practically sprinting to catch back up with her, but she thought about the fact that Haley was hurting just as bad as she was and she pushed through.  Finally after mile 2 Haley couldn't keep up the fast pace and faded and Natasha kept it going.  She pulled away and won by over 30 seconds.  Her time would have won the 2A girls race as well.  She ran an amazing race and left it knowing that she could get an even faster time at state.

That is Terresa Holmes is the one in the background with her hands in the air.  Her husband who is the one in the blue hat near the timer is now the Superintendent for La Center School District.  The two of them coached cross country for years in La Center and then 3 years ago took a job in Oregon as Superintendent and then came back this year when he was hired in La Center.  They both are incredibly passionate about cross country, in fact Coach Helm's wife Melanie is the head cross country coach in Woodland, so it is a family thing.  Mr. Holmes comes whenever he can to hard days and gives input about what the runners should be doing.

Grandma Alyce got to be here for the race.  You can see her in the picture below in the light blue hoodie on the left edge of the picture.  She took care of the kids while Jake and I ran frantically all over the course.

Meagan, Cory, Bennett and Wilohm Allen also came to cheer on the LC runners. Cross Country rarely gets fans other than family out, so it was awesome of them to come.  I wish I would have taken a picture of them with Tasha.

Official Team Scores

1.La Center27
2.Columbia (White Salmon)51
4.Seton Catholic113
1.9Natasha Lewis
19:46La Center
2.11Haley Blair
20:22Columbia (White Salm...
3.11Marissa Bailey
20:36 PRForks
4.11Bethany Whitten
20:43 SRLa Center
5.9Joules Hope
20:57Columbia (White Salm...
6.9Roselynn Martin
21:11La Center
7.10Sierra Harris
21:18 SRLa Center
8.11Enid Ensastegui
21:19 SRForks
9.10Emily Graham
21:27La Center
10.10Makenna Olson
21:33La Center
11.9Madison Carlson
12.9Lillian Nelson
21:59Columbia (White Salm...
13.9Madelyn Archibald
22:32 PRForks
14.11Andrea Ochoa
22:41Columbia (White Salm...
15.9Kimberly Chestnut
16.11Elena Carrion
22:53Seton Catholic
17.9Debera Beer
23:06 PRCastle Rock
18.9Katelynn Hurley
23:20La Center
19.11Rachel Luther
23:30Columbia (White Salm...
20.12Kennedy Lake
23:47 PRSeton Catholic
21.12Yuvia Marquez
22.9Hannah Leon
24:04Columbia (White Salm...
23.11Chelsea Biciunas
24:27 PRForks
There were 44 women runners total.

Natasha and Katelynn after the race.  I tried to get a picture of the mud splashed up the back of  their legs but it doesn't show very well in the photo.

Nate Beed ran a great race and came away district champion.  All of the boys ran really well and surprised everyone when they were only 9 points behind White Salmon.

Official Team Scores

1.Columbia (White Salmon)39
2.La Center48
6.Seton Catholic161
9.King's Way Christian223
11.Castle Rock280
1.12Nate Beed
17:12La Center
2.10Josue Lucas
3.12Will Nuckoles
17:25Columbia (White Salm...
4.9Dylan Beneventi
17:27Columbia (White Salm...
5.11Calvin DuBois
17:30 PRLa Center
6.12Colin Howe
17:37Columbia (White Salm...
7.12Logan Clements
8.9David Carrion
17:43Seton Catholic
9.9Finn Coffin
17:45 PRColumbia (White Salm...
10.11Jared Cox
17:53La Center
11.12Jake Mustard
12.11Saige Keep
18:06La Center
13.12Dylan Volz
18:07 PRElma
14.11Samuel Gomez
18:09 PRForks
15.11Connor Parkinson
16.10Jeran Keogh
18:10Castle Rock
17.10Ethan Andrews
18:12Columbia (White Salm...
18.10Julio Ramos-Vazquez
18:15 PRStevenson
19.11Declan Liddiard
18:21Columbia (White Salm...
20.11Sean Murray
18:23La Center
21.11James Bell
18:25Columbia (White Salm...
22.12Oscar Joya
23.10Josef Aschenbrenner
24.12Blaine Ross
25.11Colton Dalia
18:51King's Way Christian
26.11Tucker Holcomb
27.12Stuard Barta
28.10Andy Fry
19:09 SRMontesano
29.9Matthew Larson
19:10 PRForks
30.11Kellen Pearson
31.11Gunner Jones
19:13 PRElma
32.12Danny Martinez
19:13 PRForks
33.10Jacob Denley
19:13La Center
34.9Garett Shapovalov
19:22La Center
35.10Josh Freitag
19:24Seton Catholic
In the Men's race there were 73 total runners

These three have a hard time sitting still and enjoying the races --

The top 21 runners got medals and qualify individually for state in the case that their team doesn't make it.  The top 3 teams in the district move on to state.  The La Center girls team would have individually qualified all 7 of their girls since all of them were in the top 21 and medalled.


Getting the team trophy

The boys lined up the opposite direction with 1st place on the right in this photo.  The boys had 5 in the top 21.

District Champs!

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