Thursday, November 10, 2016

Oct 25- 28 - School Awards, Kindergarten Art, and Dantley's Birthday Celebration

Oct 25 - Tonight was Dantley's flag football pizza party.  Jake took him and snapped these 2 pics.

Oct 27 - Dantley was pretty excited that he got an award at school today.  His award says - "Thanks for being a good friend to everyone."

Tamsyn also received an award for Math.  I am glad she is doing well in math because she is in with mostly 7th graders in pre-algebra,

This morning my friend Meagan came and helped me organize the art room.  It was a giant disaster and now that it is cleaned out I might actually go in there to work.  I also made an apple crisp for YW in Excellence that is tonight.

Alyce flew in and Jake picked her up at the airport.  Then they met us at the church for YW in Excellence.  Natasha talked about how she took notes during general conference for one of her projects.

Oct 28 - Alyce came with me to Dantley's class.  I taught a lesson about pointillism and the primary colors.  It was crazy how fast those kindergarteners whipped out their art.  They each did at least two pieces, but most of them did 3 to 5 pieces.  After art Dantley passed out his birthday treats.  Alyce had cut up fruit and put it into cups for him to give out with toothpicks.  I figured that they were going to have enough candy and sweets this week so it would be better to do something healthy rather than sugary.  The kids seemed to like the fruit just as much as they would have a cupcake.

Only one student didn't use the dotting technique, which I figured was pretty good.

Dantley asked for a Pug cake for his birthday with caramel between the layers.  I guess I should of researched how to use caramel between layer cakes because I just poured it on and the layers kept sliding if the cake was even slightly tilted, so you can see exactly where they are.  Oh well, it tasted good, and Dantley liked it.

This year Dantley didn't get to have a big friend party, because he had one last year.  He got to invite two friends over for dinner and cake and ice-cream.  I picked up Soren after XC practice was over and the Allen's came over and brought Harris.

We also played a game of kickball.  We were all super protective of Natasha because her district race for cross country is tomorrow, but she fell down a couple of times anyway.

After kickball we ate dessert, and Jake had to rush off with Thurston to his first Hotshots basketball game.  Alyce went with them and the rest of us visited for a while longer while the kids played with Dantley's new kinetic sand and molds.  Other than the sand and molds he got some spy binoculars, a painted rock of a baby mule from Grandma Alyce, $5 from Grandma and Grandpa Hyde, $5 from Grandma Helen, and some legos and candy from Harris.

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Carola said...

Congrats Dantley and Tamsyn ... nice awards. Was a fun birthday for Dantley for sure. His cake was cute and looked tasty. Fun artwork too.