Monday, November 7, 2016

Oct 10 - Oct 12 HS Spirit Week, Costume Prep and Powder Puff Game

Oct 10 - The high school Homecoming football game is this Friday so it is spirit week at school.  Today was pajama day.

Oct 11- I made 3 pairs of bell-bottoms for our family costumes today, plus I have been adding details on the boys jackets and vests.

The boys tried theirs on to see how they are coming along.  Just a few more details on each and they will be ready to go.

Trying to get this Sia bow to work for Tamsyn's costume hasn't been easy.  I have had to redo it several times and I am still worried it won't stay up like I want it to on the top of her head along with a witch hat.

Oct 12 - White day for freshman.  That is the color their assigned for the powder puff game.

 After Natasha's league meet she got back in plenty of time to play in the powder puff game.  She pretty much only played defense because someone had told one of the boys who was coaching that she couldn't catch a football.  It was ok though,  because it meant less chance for her to get hurt... even though she can catch.

I think the following day was retro day.

October 13th - The power went out at all the La Center schools, so Tamsyn got to spend extra time in choir.  Which made her happy.  She really enjoys that class and it was the last day of their student teacher from Germany so they got a little extra time with her as well as some time to play piano duets in the dark.

The weather forecast for this weekend is really bad with high winds and lots of power outages are expected.  The football homecoming game wasn't cancelled but the homecoming dance was postponed a week and the xc team decided not to make the drive to their scheduled meet - George Fox, which was disappointing to Natasha because they give out t-shirts to top finishers at that meet and she really wanted one.  Thurston's soccer game was cancelled as well.  It worked out for our family though because Jake got a call on Friday night from a recruiter to see if he could interview the next day.  If I had been at the meet and he had had to take the boys to all their games it would have been difficult for him to have that interview.  The interview went very well and the by that evening he had a verbal offer.  We have been praying that he could find a new job somewhere local so this was a definite blessing, as the company is based in Vancouver.
A couple other stories I wanted to get written down so I don't forget them:

In August when I was reading the book of Mormon, I spent a lot of time listening to it in the car because I spend a lot of time driving kids all around. I shared this in a FB message with my group of friends that were also reading the Book of Mormon this month with me.

A little story for you ladies -- Today I was driving Dantley to La Center to ride with a friend to his first Flag Football practice and I was listening to scriptures the entire drive. He was quiet the whole way until I pulled into our friend's driveway and he said -"I have tears but I'm not sad." I asked if he was listening to the scriptures and he said yes (We were listening to the part in Mosiah when Abinadi is teaching about Jesus.) I realized later that I should have taken the time right then to explain to him that when he feels those happy tears well up when reading or listening about Jesus that it is the spirit. I love how little children are so sensitive to the spirit --I need to work on being more like them.

The next day I asked him to tell Jake about his experience and he told him about the tears and not feeling sad, so both Jake and I had the opportunity to explain to him that he had felt the spirit and talk a little more about those feelings and what they mean.
A couple weeks ago during sacrament meeting Tamsyn looked at me and asked if it was the 7th day.  I thought she was referring to the number of the days of the week and if Sunday was the 7th or 1st day, but she quickly corrected me and explained that she meant the days of the creation not the days of the week.  She wanted to know what day of the creation it was.  Are we in the 6th day or the 7th day or is there and 8th day?  I told her that I ask that question all the time, especially when I'm in the temple, but no one has ever given me a good answer so I didn't really know.  I also told her that I had never even thought of it until I was an adult and that it amazes me how she already thinks of those kinds of things.
One Sunday Natasha was running late for church.  Everyone else was out in the van waiting and I was getting after her to hurry up.  She was looking for her black boots but couldn't find them anywhere.  I started to help her look and couldn't find them and then started to get angry with her that she hadn't had them ready sooner.  Finally I said she just needed to wear some other shoes because we had to go.  I was not very patient with her.  She finally agreed to wear some sandals instead and we headed out to the van.  When we got in she said "there my boots are."  Tamsyn had them on.  Natasha stayed calm and climbed into the back of the van and didn't really say much more.  I was so impressed that she didn't get angry or anything.  I know I would have probably screamed and yelled and made her take them off.  But Natasha didn't, she was an example of peacemaker to everyone that day.

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