Monday, November 7, 2016

Oct 19 - Oct 24 Colorful leaves, Costume Prep, Face Painting, Homecoming and Misc.

Oct. 19 -The kids are like little squirrels whenever we go to a meet at Vancouver Lake.  There is a place that they like to play and they gather leaves, acorns and sticks.  I tell them to stay in the stone circle unless me or Jake come and get them and they are usually good, although lately they seem to fight more frequently than they used to.  Tamsyn took pictures of all the pretty leaves she gathered. I think there were about 100 pictures on my phone.

Oct 20 - still trying to get this Sia boy to work.  I sewed wires along the edges of some firm felt to help it stay up, now the problem is getting it all to stay on with the wig on.

Dantley helped me put the studs on the wings of his costume.  This was one of my favorite parts of his costume, because it was made out of the bottom of the faux long leather jacket I bought for Tamsyn's costume that was too long.  It was the perfect width across for his arms.

Oct 21 - Pink Day!  Tamsyn put this ensemble together herself.  I thought she might win most spirited, but she said a girl with pink eyelashes won.

We decided to do a trial run with Dantley's makeup and costume so we could get him entered in the Goodwill Costume contest and not have to take everyone's individual photos on the same day.

Tasha's costume coming together

Jake let the kids sleep in this fort they made in the living room.

Oct 22 - I took photos for the Mendenhall's on their property.  They will be moving to Boise in a few months and wanted pictures before they left. I thought they turned out pretty well considering it was a really sunny morning.

I signed up to help with the face painting booth at the La Center PTO fall festival at the elementary school.  I am not that good with my airbrush yet, but it makes face painting fast and fun.  I had a line pretty much the entire 3 hours of the festival and was exhausted afterward.  Tamsyn and Jake helped me wash stencils and move people along in the line.  Meagan came and helped me for a while too.

Before the carnival opened I had enough time to paint Tamsyn and Thurston's face.

Natasha was planning on helping me paint faces but since the homecoming dance was rescheduled she ended up not being available.  She had a tough time deciding if she was going to go to the dance or not, but finally her friends convinced her.  Two of her friends had dates, and the rest just went separately as a group.

Natasha, Quinn, Abby and Katie

Max and Katie, Natasha, Abby, Quinn and Sam, and ---------- dang I forgot his name- I'll ask Natasha when she gets home.

Oct 23 - Tasha's hair actually stayed curly over night.

We ordered customizable fangs for Thurston.  It was a smelly long process, but eventually we got them to fit and snap right on to his teeth.

Oct 24 - When the girls do speed work in the rain it is crazy what their hair does.  All of their ponytails start to inch up in little waves.

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Carola said...

Those leaves are sooo pretty. Enjoyed seeing the costume prep and the face painting you did on Tamsyn and Thurston is awesome. Everyone going to Homecoming looks very nice, Tasha is very pretty!.