Thursday, October 6, 2016

August 12th - 26th

August 12 - Jake had his one on one outing with Thurston and guess what Thurston wanted to do?  Rock Climb! He loves to go and is really quite good at it, so we should try and bring him more often.

August 13 - Natasha and Ally made the best shakes ever -- they were smores with a toasted marshmallow on top.

August 14 - We got asked to help paint the signs for our ward's float in the La Center Our Days parade.  Tamsyn wanted to paint the world so I let her. She did and awesome job.  Natasha painted one of the signs too. It was dark by then so I didn't get a picture.

August 15

August 16 - Natasha and I had our one on one.  We went and got our hair cut and colored by Ellynn and then shopped in some of the battle ground furniture stores.  That is when we found her desk and dresser for her room and bathroom.

Some shots of Natasha's new hairdo --

August 16 - Dantley is playing flag football this year.  When I asked him if he wanted to do soccer he said ... "No, I already did that."  Since his buddy Soren was playing flag football he wanted to give that a try.  He is pretty excited.

August 18 - The kids played a practical joke on Dantley and somehow convinced him the flour was the sugar. Natasha took the pictures of his suffering.

We just keep on getting more and more zucchini.  I forgot to check them for a few days so they grew bigger than I would have liked.

Natasha got to spend some time with her friend Abby today.

August 20 - La Center Our Days fun run.  This year Natasha didn't run because it is a fund raiser for the High School XC team and she helped set it up and hand out water at the turn-around.  Jake and the other kids ran it while I set up my booth for LC Our Days.  The kids ran well and I had a good day selling puzzles.  It was super hot though, so everyone ended up tearing down their booths an hour early.

Natasha helped a bit with our ward's booth (I think they were doing face painting and she practiced on Ally's hand) and then got to spend some time with Katie too.

August 23 - We squeezed in one last afternoon at the lake before school starts.

Natasha wanted to recreate a photo from when we first moved here.  The water level is different so that made it look a bit different.

Teri suggested making zucchini pizzas since we have an overabundance of zucchini.  They were actually pretty tasty.

August 26- Jake and I went to the temple.  My recommend needs renewed and President Kramer is out of town, so I only have had half of the interviews I need.  I have been reading/listening to the Book of Mormon this month.  I decided that one of my goals for the year was to read the entire thing in one month and August was the best month for me to do it.  I sat and listened to Moroni's words while looking out the car window at the temple with Moroni on it.  It was a good experience.  I have never just sat outside the temple and read scriptures before. I finished the entire Book of Mormon on the 28th.  It is interesting to read it all so quickly and sure makes the pride cycle - rise and fall destruction blatantly obvious.

Natasha had her friends Katie and Quin stay the night.  They ate way too much ice cream and stayed up way too late.  I woke up at around 2 in the morning because I thought I heard something in my room.  I thought maybe it was the cat, but it was a hot night so then I thought the heat might have woken me up.  I got up and turned on the ceiling fan and noticed the kitchen light on and peeked out and saw Katie and Quin sitting on the kitchen desk, then I turned around and Natasha was right behind me in my room.  She was trying to sneak quietly into my bathroom without waking us up to get my eyebrow wax.  I told her she could go ahead and use it but not to sneak in my room again.  I went to bed wondering if the girls would all be eyebrow-less in the morning.

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