Sunday, October 2, 2016

Natasha - BYU Cross Country Camp - July 11-14

We dropped Natasha off at Cross Country Camp on Monday.  While we were waiting to check her in Jake ran into Kurt Updegraff and his kids (we knew them in Sinapore). Natasha ended up staying in the same hall that Jake lived in when he was a freshman at BYU -Stover Hall- and when we walked to her room he realized she was staying in the exact same dorm room where he had lived.

Natasha with Jared Ward - He spoke at one of the XC camp clinics.  They also got to see him train.  He qualified for the Olympics and took 6th in the marathon later this same summer in Rio.

Natasha and Brinlee show off runner's tan after running up to the waterfall

Statue of Brigham Young

Pics of Natasha and her new friends, Camille Cox and Brinlee Garling (from Twin Falls, ID). Brinlee is the redhead and was in Natasha's van, so that is how they met.  Brinlee and Camille came to camp together and were roommates.  Brinlee is super fast, she ran a 5:21 as an 8th grader.

At the dance for all the camps

Eating a bunch of desserts on the last day.  I guess during the rest of the week they were told to eat light and not too much dessert, so they went a little crazy when they finally didn't have any more runs left.

I know Natasha felt a bit hesitant about attending a camp all by herself and wasn't sure if she'd like it, but she came home inspired and excited about running.  She took lots of notes and made some great friends.  Next year she wants to go again.

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