Monday, October 3, 2016

July 29 & 30 - Tasha Running & Siouxon Creek Hike

July 29 - I have seen a lot of weird cars and strange people stopped for seemingly no good reason on Roser Road so I don't feel comfortable sending Tasha to go run up and down it alone.  I pulled my calf muscle playing basketball with the High School girls last week, so I can't run with Tasha myself, so instead I have been letting her take the dogs and I am driving up and down with her.

We got to go to the Hasselblads and try out their new pool.  The kids had a blast and Lurlyn and I planned a hike for the next morning.

We went to hike Siouxon Creek trail.  Katie came with us too.  It was a beautiful trail and we found a fun little spot for the kids to play in the water and then we ate some lunch and headed back down.  We will have to come back sometime and hike all the way to the falls. Jake and Leif went golfing while we were all hiking.

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