Monday, October 3, 2016

August 7th - 11th

August 7 - Natasha and Thurston Church selfie

August 8 - Natasha went with some friends to the Clark County Fair.  She took some pictures of Tamsyn's 4H entries.

August 9 - I had some great helpers today.  The kids picked a bunch of blackberries to add to the apples for fruit leather, and then they helped me pick the ripe vegetables from the garden.

August 10 - Our first batch of apple blackberry fruit leather

We spent the day out at Brandi's cabin and the little beach there.  The kids swam, jumped off the dock and played on the paddle boards.

August 11 - The YW/YM activity was at Mary Kilgore's house.  The kids helped clean up the yard, trim, till and weed.

The kids finally got to sleep out on the trampoline, I'm pretty sure the dogs enjoyed it even more than they did.

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