Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Sept 3-15

Sept 3 - The cross country team had a Saturday practice and I went.  We ran up the old highway.  At the top of the hill some runners continued on and some turned back.  I stopped because I needed to go to the bathroom and I went off a ways into the forest after all the runners were long past. When I came out of the trees I felt something prickly inside the top edge of my sock.  I thought there was a stick or something in my sock.  When I reached down to get it out, it was this spider!

My reaction was to squish it and carry it back in a piece of paper because I didn't know what kind of spider it was that had just been biting me.  I have a bit of a wild imagination and thought that just in case it was poisonous maybe I shouldn't be running and pumping my blood faster, but I ran anyway and was fine.  I never figured out what type of spider it was, but it definitely wasn't a dangerous one.

Dantley and Soren waiting for their game to start.

Natasha went to Katie's for a bonfire.

Sept 4 - Some pics Tasha took

Sept 5- No school and Jake didn't have to work for labor day, so he and I spent the morning furniture shopping.  These were our final 2 choices for the bonus room.  We almost bought the lazy boy one which was 5 times as expensive, but our sales associate left us sitting way too long while he was helping another couple and we left the store and decided to save money and buy the non reclining one.

We did end up going back and getting these for our living room from lazy boy.  It won't be until the end of the month that they will be available.

Sept 6-7

Sept 10
Natasha has to attend home football games because she is part of the band.  I don't think she minds though if the weather is nice. Katie's boyfriend Max plays on the varsity team.

Sept 11

Today was the Flanagan Clan picnic.  Coach Flanagan does such a great job of keeping track of all of his athletes and awarding them for their efforts.

Sept 13
We are getting lots of beautiful things out of the garden.  I put this basket together for my friend Kelsey's birthday.

These two monkeys had some time to play on the monkey bars before flag football practice.

Natasha had come with me to bring the boys to flag football because I had to pick her up from XC.  On Tuesdays I can't make the high school XC practice because Thurston has soccer and Dantley has football.  Natasha was hungry so I figured after the boys started practice I could drive her to get something to eat.  I got in the van and started backing up and before I knew it I felt a small bump.  I couldn't believe it because I felt like I had barely backed up --but I had hit the car parked behind me.  The lot was very tight and I hadn't realized how tight.  I got out to check and see if there was any damage.  I couldn't see any, but I didn't want to leave just in case.  So I wrote a note and left it on the windshield.  Then I started thinking about how sometimes people claim there is damage when there isn't if you give them the opportunity, so I decided I better take a picture of the vehicle.  Well that sure got someone's attention.  Before I knew it a very well dressed lady came storming out of the school coming right at me.  "Are you taking pictures of this car!?" She was obviously way more upset by the fact that I was taking pictures than she was over the possibility that I hit her car.  I stayed calm and said "Is it your car?"   She replied that it was.  I told her I was glad she came out because I had just backed into it and though I didn't see any damage I didn't want to leave in case there was something I hadn't seen.  She calmed right down and took the note I had written and was fine after that.  She said the spot I was in always has problems backing out as there isn't quite enough room.  She was parked in the "Principal's" spot, so I assume she was the Felida Elementary school principal. I am not sure why the photo taking was so upsetting to her, but I guess if your in charge of a school it would seem suspicious.

Sept 15
It just didn't get all that hot so the watermelons didn't do near as well this year as last year.  I did have enough to take some to XC practice to cut up after a hard workout though.

Natasha seems to be adjusting well to being a soccer fan instead of a soccer player.  She is such an amazing runner that it makes sense for her to run rather than play, but I know she loved playing soccer so it is probably sometimes hard.

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Carola said...

glad the spider was not poison...looking forward to sitting on your new furniture some day...the vegetable box is pretty, glad you have such a nice garden....the car incident, interesting, glad you did not cause any damage. Just fun to read your posts and see all of the family etc.