Sunday, October 23, 2016

Tamsyn - Cispus Outdoor School - Sept 19-23

Monday, September 19th - All of the 6th graders met up on the basketball court at Holley Park.  They were divided into groups with their camp counselors.  Tamsyn was part of the Great Blue Herons group and her counselor was Lizzy.  The girls in her group were:  Olivia Koitzsch, Sabrina Joner, Savannah Mendenhall, Hailey Powers and Reagan Boice.  It turned out to be a pretty fun group for her to be in.  Savannah switched from another group after arrival and Hailey missed the first day because she was sick and joined in on the second day.

Tamsyn brought Natasha's camera with her and took lots and lots and lots of pictures.  I tried to narrow it way down and there are still a lot.

These are what their rooms look like.

Sabrina holding Flobby and Reagan - Tamsyn named squishy ball "Flobby"

Tamsyn's artistic view of a window cover
Tamsyn took it during BOB time -"body on bunk"

Savannah and Olivia
Tamsyn -"On the first night Olivia was having a hard time getting to sleep. She is used to sleeping every night with her little sister and we were trying to help her get to sleep. I tried giving her Flobby to squeeze and Savannah tried reading something to her. The thing that finally helped her go to sleep was that I reminded her about how earlier in the day we watched the relays and the boys kept falling down and slipping.  It was really funny.  That helped her laugh and calm down."

Cispus has a reputation for having great homemade food.  The kids are not allowed to bring any snacks or food whatsoever. The kids were assigned to leaning groups and each group was assigned to different chores like doing the dishes , setting the tables or sweeping the floor.  They went back behind the counter where the cooks were and we had to put the hot clean dishes away.  Tamsyn thought it was fun.  She never had to sweep the floor.  Each table had a "Johnny Jump-up"who gets second helpings of food for everyone when the food at the table runs out.  When they set the table, they put something different, for example an upside down plate.  The person who sat at that spot was assigned to be the "Johnny Jump-up" the person across from them was the "Scraper" - who had to scraper the plates into the garbage cans.

The only picture Tamsyn has with herself in it, and a picture of her friend Nathan Scrivens.

Learning about Tracks and Pelts...

Group hug - Grace, Sabrina, Sarah, Sydney and Allisa.  Tamsyn doesn't remember the name of the counselor, the girl in front with glasses might be named Melody (Tamsyn wasn't sure).
Last night of Campfire - Mr Westerberg

Tamsyn with her counselor Lizzy after she got off the bus

When the kids get off the bus they all are herded into the tennis courts -like a cage - until they are checked out by their parents.

While Tamsyn was gone I rearranged her room since Natasha is now moved out.  It is now a little more cozy and a great place to play.  All of the dress ups are now in her closet and there is a cabinet full of craft stuff next to her bed.  We also cleaned out the secret room and the kids have been playing in there a lot more.

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Tamsyn's room looks great. Her outdoor school sounds like a fun learning experience.