Sunday, October 16, 2016

August 27- Sept 2 Last Days of Summer and First Day of School

August 27
When we brought Quin home after she stayed the night she let the kids try out the new zip line at her house.  They loved it.

Danelty had his first flag football game and team pictures today.  He had the team's first touchdown and made some great blocks -- we did have to explain to him that when he was on defense he didn't need to block he needed to go after the flag.

 Thank goodness his best buddy Soren is on the same team - practices are in Felida so they aren't close and having someone to carpool with makes a huge difference, especially when you like to spend time with them anyway.

August 28
Selfie the girls took

August 29 -Tasha took Tamsyn around the middle school and helped her find her classes as well as her locker.  She also made sure she could open it and had her practice a few times.

August 30 - Deonna Grove is staying with us a few days while her parents and younger siblings are at the beach.  She is in middle school cross country right now and they didn't want her to miss too many practices.  It has been fun to have her.  She is super quiet but gets along great with Tamsyn.  Today we had something happen with the chicken.  They were out of the pen and we heard some racket.  The kids were in the trees playing and when they came out they saw a huge pile of feathers and could only find 3 chickens.  Our neighbor Dennis called and said his dog had just ran away, so we thought the racket must have been the dog getting the chicken.  Well a while later Deonna walked by the van and heard a noise and climbed under to find the chicken hiding.  It was wedged pretty tight and the kids spent an hour trying all sorts of things to get it out.  They tried to coax it with food, they tried to pull it out, Tamsyn tried some herb she had read was calming.  Finally I just climbed under there  myself  with Tasha and grabbed it by the legs and had her push it backward and we got it out.

August 31 - First day of school!  Thurston - 4th, Natasha - 9th, Tamsyn - 6th

September 2 - First day of Kindergarten for Dantley

I decided to order an airbrush and today we tested it out with some stencils we had around the house. Dantley was willing to let us cover him.

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Carola said...

Dantley looks the part for a football player!
Chicken story...quite an adventure.
First days of school and prep for...nice.