Sunday, October 2, 2016

Quick Stop to Visit Helen and Hy, and Kids time in Malad

After dropping Natasha off at XC camp we met Bill and Alyce in North Ogden for lunch and made a quick visit to Helen and Hy's House.  After that, Alyce took the kids in our van up to Malad to stay for the week and Bill took Jake and I to the airport to fly home.  The kids got to spend a week with grandma and grandpa in Malad.  They picked up Natasha when she was done with XC camp on Thursday and then she got to stay a few days too and be there fro Grandpa Alder's birthday celebration.  After that Alyce drove them to Boise and I flew there to drive the rest of the way home with them.  

Grandma Helen showing the kids her magnet collection

Drive in lunch day

Alyce set up swimming lessons for the kids.  They learned so much and and had a wonderful time.

Tamsyn and Bill rescued this bird and took it to a rehabilitation center (I will need to get a recap on details from Tamsyn...) It was a really neat experience for her.

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