Monday, October 3, 2016

July 31 - August 3 Drying Apples, Hike to Lava Canyon, One-on-One with D, and Tamsyn's Fort

July 31 - For the first year since we moved here our apple tree has lots of usable apples on it.  They don't taste good to just eat so we are making lots of dried apples and applesauce that we are turning into fruit leather.

Natasha forgot to wear sunscreen last week --

August 1 - We went on a last minute hike with the Allens to Lava Canyon.  We didn't know where the trailhead was and ended up going down a long dirt road to that lead us to the back end of the trail.  The hike was beautiful and fun with some bridges and ladders.  When we made it to the top where the parking lot was, Meagan and I realized we wouldn't have time to hike with all the kids back down to our cars in time for Bennett to get to drivers ed, so the two of us ran down the trail and the kids waited at the top.  Luckily my calf held up for almost the entire run/hike down.

Here are a few pics Tasha took while the kids were all waiting at the parking lot.

August 2 - Drying more apples

Thurston's friend Gavin came over and they wanted to cook lunch over a fire.

August 3 - Dantley and I had a one-on-one date.  He has been asking to go to Kazoodles and I had an order to drop off so it worked out nicely to go there.  He picked out a Perplexus toy and played with some magnetic blocks in the store for a while.  On our way home we stopped at DQ for lunch.

Our little plant and animal lover --

Tamsyn's fort

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