Monday, October 3, 2016

July 19 - 28 Garden stuff, Renton Art Show, Rhubarb and Blackberries

July 19 -Alyce stayed the week with us -- she made the best jam and rolls.

July 21 - Natasha and Katie wanted to put up the tent at Katie's house and sleep in it.  I guess they survived ... I think being close to the house and having wi-fi helped.

The Garden!  This little section is Tamsyn's.

It's amazing what a few months can do

Renton Art Show - None of the kids got any special awards this year, just the regular art supply awards.

July 22 - The girls were sent out to pick the rhubarb for syrup.  Natasha came back with a rhubarb leaf hat

 Alyce helped me make the syrup.  I decided to add some grape jello to part of it for Jake to see if he likes -- because he is such a fan of grape flavored things.

Jake brought home Chinese take-out and then he was out...

July 23 - Both cats love to sleep in this grassy bush.  Tasha took this picture of Hawthorne.

In the afternoon we took the kids to the stake Luau party.  Katie and Quin came along and then Jake took them all to G-6 Airpark after.  At the Luah, Thurston entered a Hula Hoop contest.  He and another girl went for 30 minutes and then the other girl fell. I was about to take a picture of both of them when she dropped.  We also played a few rounds of stick pull.

Jake vs. Collin Newberry

While everyone else was at G6 - I came home and made cream peas and potatoes.

July 24 - I drove all the way back to Renton to pick up the kids' art.  Only one piece had sold - Tamsyn's Photo of Delicate Arch.

July 25- For FHE we hosted a blackberry pick-off.  The Allens, Harris', and Zooks came.  We ended up picking something like 80 lbs of blackberries in 30 minutes.

July 26 - Tasha went with some friends to swim in the river.

July 27 - My first day pressure canning all by myself.

I also convinced the boys to let me cut their hair in a fade style.

July 28 - Zucchini never stops growing around here -- so Dantley helped me shred and freeze some.

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