Sunday, September 25, 2016

Girls Camp June 21-24

I need to have Natasha journal for these ---

A few days before girls camp I was talking to Natasha in her room and I found out her friend Ally wasn't going to camp.  I figured out that it was because originally she had other plans, so now that her plans had changed and she was available to go she thought it was too late.  After making sure Ally really wanted to go I called the YW president and we made sure she got to join in.  I was glad because I knew having Ally around would make it more fun for all the girls.

Jake went up with Dantley and Tamsyn on the 24th.  They got there in time to witness some mud games and then stayed for part of the bishopric night.  After that they headed to Maple Valley so the girls could get up early on Saturday to run in the Junior Olympics meet.

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