Sunday, September 18, 2016

June 3-7 BBQ with Friends, Baseball, Doggy Ice Treat and Playdate

June 3 - Friday, we invited the Allen's and the Kissingers over for a bbq and games.  We wanted to play Come to my Dungeon with friends before cutting the tall grass for the first time before summer.  It was a super hot day and the kids ended up playing on the slip and slide on the hill for quite a while before it cooled down enough to have a fire and play Come to my Dungeon.  Jake ended up getting home a bit late because he went to mow down someone in our ward's field because a family member had passed away and they needed to have room for people to park, so Corey Allen cooked all the burgers for me.They were delicious and I think everyone had a fun time. Kelsey was in Norway for the entire month and Rusty had to bring Lou to something that night, so I went and picked up Eli, Beau and August so they could come join us.

Hazel about to hide in the tall grass during Come to My Dungeon

June 4 - A few baseball pics.  Dantley is usually pretty good at hitting the ball off the pitches from the coach, but it looks like he wasn't keeping his eye on the ball this time.

June 6 - Tamsyn decided that the dogs needed a special frozen treat so she got the boys to help her make this ice block with berries and I don't know what else in it.  Maybe she read somewhere that dogs liked things like that?

June 7 - Dantley had Soren and Landry come to play while the other kids were at school since they don't have preschool anymore.  They thought it was a special treat to go gather the eggs.

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