Thursday, September 29, 2016

Summer Vacation - July 8, Zion National Park - Angel's Landing

July 8 - We stayed in Kanab, UT after visiting the Grand Canyon and then drove into Zion National Park.  There was no parking near the visitor's center so we had to park outside of the park and take a shuttle in.  We then took another shuttle up to the trail head for Angel's landing.  We all made it to where the trail narrows and has a rope, but only Natasha, Thurston and Jake went all the way to the top.  The signs say that it isn't encouraged for children to hike it and since we hadn't done it before we weren't sure how Dantley would handle it.  Tamsyn is also a very cautious hiker so it might have been slow going for her.  Natasha and Thurston on the other hand are both like mountain goats so we knew that they would be fine.  Our entire hike was in the heat of the day and we were soaked with sweat and tired but the kids didn't complain and the ones who made it to Angel's Landing said it was their favorite hike ever.

Dantley, Tamsyn and I got back to the trail head about an hour before Jake, Natasha and Thurston did.  Tamsyn and Dantley played in the water and I sat in the shade under the bridge and took pictures.

On our drive out we saw some big horn sheep. Tamsyn baaed at them and got them to look at us.

After the hot day hiking the kids were ready for a swim at the hotel pool!

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Carola said...

Wow nice pictures and looks like you had a great time.