Sunday, September 25, 2016

Summer Vacation - July 3rd, Sunrise Hike, Rafting & Dead Horse Point

We got up super early to hike up to Delicate Arch to watch the sunrise there.  We weren't the best at following the trail markers in the dark (neither were a whole bunch of other people), so we ended up coming out near the Arch but not at the right place and we had to go around.  There were a few people already there when we got there and more kept coming after, but I am guessing there was much less traffic than during normal day hours.  The sunrise was beautiful and the kids all agreed that it was worth getting up extra early for.

Tamsyn took this awesome photo

Ute Rock Art at Wolf Ranch

After the morning hike Jake and the boys went to church and the girls and I slept. When they got back we loaded up and went to the meeting place for our river rafting trip.

We went on a really easy part of the Colorado River.  We all got out to swim at different points in the chocolaty looking water. These pictures were taken on a disposable camera.

Such a busy day and lack of sleep must have caught up to Thurston because he was sure a grump when we had dinner.  I think we forgot to order his hamburger ketchup only or something and wiping off the mustard just wasn't enough.

That evening we got lucky when we drove out to Dead Horse Point State Park and a storm had just passed.  It was SO beautiful that we of course took about a thousand pictures.

These aren't in any particular order

When we got back to the hotel Jake crashed and the kids and I walked to the store and bought ice cream bars and then sat by the hotel outdoor fire.  Another great day!

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