Monday, September 19, 2016

June 7-9th Concerts, Strawberries and Chess

June 7 - 5th Grade Band Concert

June 8 - Wednesday
Dantley and I picked some strawberries today after dropping the kids off at school.  We picked a different variety than Brandi and I picked last time and these were SO much sweeter.  Natasha melted some chocolate chips to dip them in as an after school treat.  These will be mostly just for eating and if make it a day to two without being eaten I might freeze a few too.

Tamsyn got some of her bookmarks from the art contest she won at the library.

We got the ladybugs that we ordered in the mail and set them free in the garden.

Natasha also had her final concert of the year tonight.  I could barely see the top of her head from where we were sitting.

June 9 - Dantley convinced me to play "No Stress Chess" with him.  I like this version better than the real deal because you have to move the piece the card tells you, so you don't have to think as much.
I think he beat me.

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