Sunday, September 18, 2016

June 1 & 2nd - Living History Museum and Preschool Graduation

June 1- Today Thurston's 3rd grade class had their Living History Museum.  Each student researched one historical figure and then dressed up as them and talked about their lives.  Thurston chose to be Roald Dahl.  He started off his speech by acting like he was dying and then jumped back to needing to be born first.  He likes to add a few theatrics to things.  It was amazing how much he learned about Roald Dahl and how well he remembered it.

June 2 - Dantley had his kindergarten assessments today followed by his preschool picnic and graduation.  This year has flown by and he is so excited to be done with preschool and off to kindergarten. He did great in his assessments. The preschool graduation was short and sweet.  They sang a little song by Obie Leff--
"A, B, C you later
D, E, F, G I'm gonna miss you
H, I have to go now
J....K, bye bye now
L, M, N, O I had a good time
P, Q, R you gonna miss me
S, T, U are my best friend
V, W, X, Y because I love you..."

Dantley really enjoyed having teacher Janet this year.

He also had some great little friends in his class - Soren, Baker and Landry

Soren, Dantley and Landry

Grayson, Dantley and Baker

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