Tuesday, September 20, 2016

June 24-July 1 One on One with Thurston, Basketball Job, Junior Olympics Track, Weird Egg, Art, Gym Addition and Berry Picking

June 24 - One on one time with Thurston. We tried out the new Carl's Junior in Woodland.

June 25-26
At the beginning of June I decided to go to the school website and see if there were any coaching positions available.  I honestly was hoping that the school would be hiring an assistant cross country coach because I really wanted to be involved with the cross country team.  When I got on the website I found that the JV High School girls basketball coaching position was available.  I decided to go ahead and apply that very night.  I hadn't interviewed for a job in years, and I didn't have a resume so Jake helped me put my resume together and write a cover letter.  I reached out to a few people to see if they would be okay if I used them as references and I submitted my application.  I heard throughout the grapevine that the job had been posted for quite a while and there hadn't been much interest, so I was pretty sure I would get an interview.  The next week I was surprised when they emailed me and said that there were 4 candidates including myself interviewing the following week.
That made me pretty nervous knowing there were suddenly 3 other candidates, I studied up on questions I might be asked and read a book about coaching by coach K.  I took a lot of notes and went in feeling pretty prepared.  I signed up for the final interview slot so they would remember me and had my interview at 4pm on June 21st.  The varsity girls coach Herm V. and Matt Cooke the Activities Director interviewed me.  Herm was sick so he was hard to read, but I felt like Matt had a positive reaction to my interview.  I left the interview feeling unsure and nervous but was thrilled when Matt called me the next day and offered me the position.  I jumped right in and started helping with summer ball and went to the tournament the team was playing in in Longview that weekend.

Jake took the girls to run in the Junior Olympics meet in Seattle on the 25th and 26th. He also took Dantley with him.  They stayed at the Russell's house in Maple Valley.

These are Tamsyn's times for  her Flanagan Clan track season --
1500 Meters
3000 Meters
Natasha's Times with the Flanagan Clan --
1500 Meters
3000 Meters

Both girls qualified for the Regional Meet this year, but unfortunately couldn't run it because it was during our summer vacation trip.

Here are a couple photos from the basketball tournament in Longview.  Taylor Stevens was in the 3 point shooting contest during the lunch break between games.  Our girls had a few rough games, but won every game they played and the entire tournament.  It was good that I got to be there and learn a little bit about the girls and how they play.

Coaches in the Back - Seth Stevens, Herm V. and Me
Girls - Kylie Stevens, Taylor Stevens, Taylor Mills, Laynie Erikson, Molly Edwards, Alyssa Mcknight, Nyah Mertz

June 28 - The chickens laid this super weird egg that looked all crunched up and like it had a sunshine on it.

June 29-
Things are moving along with the addition to the gym  We added a parking stall on the left side of the building so we could park the mustang and tractor in there.  We also plan on putting squares on the floor so there is a place for Jake's giant chess set to be played.  Eventually Jake may put a golf simulator in there as well.  The cement was finished today and it looks really great.

June 29-30
The kids are scrambling to get their artwork done for the Renton art show before we head on our family vacation.  Dantley is doing a watercolor with ocean animals.

Thurston really enjoyed the portrait lesson I taught in his school class last month, so he decided to draw three faces with different emotions on them and then use watercolor to paint it.

It turned out really great.  He said it was his favorite piece of art he has ever created.

Tamsyn wanted to do a piece with birds in it.  She chose to do a male and female cardinal.  I let her use my nice prism color markers and colored pencils like she did when she made her bookmark for the library contest.  It was only her second time using them and she did a really nice job.

Harris, Hazel and Jackson Allen are also trying to get pieces finished to enter.  Harris finished his piece.  It is a collage with torn black and white maps with his drawing of a land rover on top.

June 30
Today was Natasha's last day picking blackcap raspberries for Grandma Candy.  Last year Katie and Emily arranged for her to pick and this year the season has been short and she had to miss the busiest picking week because she was at girls camp.  Luckily she got to work a few days and make a little money -- even if she gets paid strange unexplainable amounts.  For some reason she is usually shorted about a half hour of pay even though she picks almost more berries than anyone else (other than Emily who also picks a lot). She doesn't dare say anything though, so even though it bothers me, it is her battle to choose to fight or not.  Quin started picking this year too, which made it pretty fun for all of them.

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